● Overseas service area

Currently foreign service areas: Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, the United States, Canada, Europe.

Southeast Asia and other regions can also send, but please contact customer service first.

Shipping is available within the International Parcel Post S.F. Express is available to Hong Kong and Macau customers.

※ Kindly remind:
- Shipping period depends on the selected areas. Please track your parcel on SF Express and Chunghwa Post Airmail website.


● Overseas ordering instructions:
- Payment method provides bank transfer / credit card / Western Union payment.

Western Union Remittance information

  • First Name :HSUNNAN
  • Last Name :HUANG
  • Phone number: +886-6-2640313
  • ADD: No.33, Ln. 148, Xinxiao Rd., South Dist., Tainan City702, Taiwan
  • Country: Taiwan
  • Amount expected:

Find locations: https://www.westernunion.com/TW/en/find-locations.html

- Overseas shipments are sent by Post Office EMS, and International General Mail.
- The recipient name information must be filled in with the English name and address.
- After delivery, it will be delivered on the order of 10 - 35 days depending on the region. It is possible to extend the delivery time according to the delivery status and customs inspection. If the customs tax is handled by the client itself.


● Overseas customs clearance and import tariffs:
Overseas goods need to be cleared when they enter the country. Whether or not to collect customs duties is determined by random inspection by the customs. If the package generates customs duties, the buyer must bear the burden. Please understand.

- Tariffs are levied by the national customs and are not related to SMOL Enterprise . The specific tax amount is recommended to consult the local post office.

- If you need to pay customs duties, the tax-related staff will notify you and send you a customs declaration notice. You can receive the goods after paying the customs duty.


● Shipping considerations:

- Please provide your full English name/her name for your passport. If the delivery information is incorrect and cannot be delivered and no one signs, the package will be returned and we will cancel the entire order directly.

- The returned package will only be returned in the form of a shopping deposit (the shipping fee will not be returned). You will also be notified by e-mail after the completion of the operation. If you need to resend the package, you will be responsible for the shipping cost.

- Chunghwa Post Air Package will not be contacted by phone. If there is no sign of receipt, it will leave a request for a single deposit, and it will take time to collect it.

- After the parcel is sent out, we will notify you by e-mail. If you choose "Ordinary International Mailing", you need to check the status of the parcel. Please go to the local post office for more information. The inspection time of the Taiwan Post Office is about 30 days.

 ● Overseas return exchange instructions:

- Overseas only accepts the "Defect Return" service.

- If you receive the defective product, please return the photo to the customer service staff within 10 days. After the non-personality is determined, the payment will be directly transferred to the "Membership Shopping Fee" for next use.

- Due to the cumbersome transportation overseas, overseas shipping will not accept return service. We will carefully check and pack before shipment. Please order with peace of mind.


● Overseas rejection of receipt notice:

If you refuse to sign the our package, you will still be responsible for the freight and the import fee incurred by the package. The above fees are deducted from the package fee.


In case of disputes, plain-me reserves the right to make the final decision and explain the regulations.


  1. -付款方式提供PayPal /信用卡付款。
  2. -海外貨物通過郵局EMS和國際普通郵件發送。
  3. -收件人姓名信息必須用英文姓名和地址填寫。
  4. -交付後,視地區而定,交付時間為10-35天。根據交貨狀態和海關檢查可以延長交貨時間。如果關稅由客戶自己處理。

海外商品入境時需要清關。 是否收取關稅由海關抽查確定。 如果包裹產生關稅,則買方必須承擔負擔。 請理解。

  1. -關稅是由國家海關徵收的,與SMOL企業無關。 建議將具體稅額諮詢當地郵局。
  2. -如果您需要支付關稅,稅務相關人員將通知您並向您發送海關申報單。 繳納關稅後即可收貨。


  1. -請提供您護照的英文全名。如果送貨信息不正確且無法送貨且沒有人簽名,則包裹將被退回,我們將直接取消整個訂單。
  2. -退回的包裹將僅以購物押金的形式退還(不退還運費)。操作完成後,還將通過電子郵件通知您。如果您需要重新發送包裹,則您將承擔運輸費用。
  3. -中華郵政航空包裹將無法通過電話聯繫。如果沒有收據的跡象,它將發出單筆存款的請求,這將需要一些時間來收取。
  4. -寄出包裹後,我們將通過電子郵件通知您。如果選擇“普通國際郵件”,則需要檢查包裹的狀態。請去當地的郵局獲取更多信息。台灣郵政的檢查時間約為30天。


  1. -海外僅接受“缺陷退貨”服務。
  2. -如果收到有缺陷的產品,請在10天內拍照給客戶服務人員。確定個人身分後,付款將直接轉入“會員購物金”於下次訂購使用。
  3. -由於海外運輸繁瑣,海外運輸將不接受退貨服務。我們將在發貨前仔細檢查和包裝。請安心訂購。


如果您拒收包裹,則您仍將負責包裹產生的運費和進口費用。 以上費用將從退費中扣除。





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